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by H. Bumper Bauer

Many years ago after much urging on my part my wife JC got interested in fishing. Uh! let me rephrase that JC became a fishing addict.

It all began innocently enough when I bought her an Orvis Flea fly rod and she started to learn how to fly fish. I will never forget a quiet morning on a local trout stream when the silence was broken by her “loud” exclamation….”Fish On” This of course got the immediate attention of several anglers who were also fishing the stream. Their reactions ran from smiles to high signs which delighted me.

Many years have passed since then and I am happy to say her enthusiasm and angling skills have only grown and broadened. The last few years we have been guests of two friends who have a place in Key Largo and a 29 foot inboard fishing boat. We often troll for game fish there and when a bait or lure is taken it’s common practice for the captain or first mate to yell “Fish On”. Well I have learned if the hit has taken place on one of her rods…Get out of her way or I’ll have footprints up my back.

Since becoming familiar with the New Smyrna Beach area we have a few favorite fishing guides who we use off and on but were always looking for a new way to catch fish in the ocean or rivers. When I told JC I had found a new bait shop in the area which specialized in Kayak fishing her reaction was instantaneous. When are we going?

Like most folks after having been stung by what had at first appeared good I explained that I wanted to visit the shop and check it and the folks running it out before committing to anything.

Upon entering Salty Dawg Outfitters I was immediately struck by what was missing. Unlike many of the bait shops in the area this place was clean and lacked the odors I had come across at others.

The staff there were quick to greet one and to ask if they could assist in any manner. The shop was fully stocked with most anything a fisherman would need and the baits and services they offered were top quality and reasonable in price.

All of the services and rates may be found at www.saltydawgoutfitters.com you may also wish to follow them on Facebook for updates on what’s happening at the shop and the fish being caught.

After explaining to them that my wife had never been kayak fishing I promptly booked a charter for JC the following morning.

JC’s guide the following morning was David Farlow. I stood by and listened while he explained to her what they would be fishing for and how she should handle a kayak. There was no doubt in my mind that this young man knew exactly what he was talking about. A short time later David helped her into the kayak and they started out on their trip.



As you can see the scenery is breathtaking there in Rose Bay, if you’re looking for uncluttered serenity whether it be for fishing or wildlife photography I highly recommend spending a day with the folks at Salty Dawg Outfitters, believe me it will be money well spent.

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How did JC like her day? She said having never kayaked before it was one of the most unforgettable experiences she has ever had and made especially memorable by the resident Bald Eagle who flew into the water close to her kayak and came up with a large trout in its talons.

The Farlow family make you feel like part of their family when dealing with them, they are friendly and very knowledgeable about the area and will go that extra mile to see that you their customer enjoy your time with them. We give them and Salty Dawg Outfitters our “Highest” Recommendation.

If you have ever wanted to try Kayaking this is the place to go if you’re in the Daytona area


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